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Zero Dark Thirty

Maya is highly smart she gets recruited into the CIA right after high school. For 12 long years, almost her entire career in the CIA, she focuses with ferocity on the hunt to find Osama Bin Laden. Played with fierceness … Continue reading

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My Favorite Foreign Films of 2012

Here’s my 12 favorite foreign language films for this year. Click on the title to view the trailer. 1.25 Amour. A unflinching look at a love story nearing its end between an ageing couple. Restrained, unsentimental, and captivating. 1.25 Holy … Continue reading

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My Favorite Local Films of 2012

Here is the list of my favorite Filipino films this year. Please click on the title for a link to the trailers. 1.33 Aparisyon. The trailer got me. And the movie didn’t disappoint about nuns cloistered in a convent in … Continue reading

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Cinemalaya 2012: Quickie Thoughts Part 2

Kalayaan. A story of a Filipino soldier as he spends his remaining days on an island he has been guarding for close to 3 months. The film shows his loneliness and slow descent to madness. His daily routine, which if … Continue reading

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Favorite Films of Mid-2012

The first half of this year will be over in a few hours. I have not watched as many films (again!) as I would have wanted to due to work and numerous travels over the summer. Here are a list … Continue reading

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Films of 2011

I watched a paltry 97 films last year, averaging 8 films a month. I know that number seems a lot but there was a year I came close to 150. Or was it 200? Dismal, really. I’ll try to make … Continue reading

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A Game of Thrones

Loyalty. Politics. Romance. Conspiracy. Incest. Betrayal. Murder. Witchcraft. Sex. All of these make George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, the first book in a seven-part series, a very good read. In aGoT we are introduced to the Starks … Continue reading

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