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The seat where the guy’s butt sat trembled with the ebb of sound waves created by the treble and bass of the music blaring out of the speakers. The jeepney was on the brink of collapse and has obviously stood … Continue reading

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A jar and two cups of coffee

I chanced on this story from which reminded me once again what really matters in life. I know the message is not something new and I bet there have been many stories which hammer the same message down our … Continue reading

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Language of the Learned

James Soriano and his Language, learning, identity, privilege Manila Bulletin article has been the hottest topic this week. The article has since been pulled down from the MB’s official website. Soriano writes about how he was brought up to talk … Continue reading

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I Knew It!

Over a year ago, I blogged about how almost every CGI movie has its own 3D version. You can read the short post here. I wondered then if there would ever be 3D versions of porn films. When you think … Continue reading

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All I Want for Christmas

Prinsesa Musang has come up with a great idea for gift-swapping for Christmas. I’m counting myself in since I had promised at the start of the current year, as a friend advised me, to “put myself out there”. So this … Continue reading

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Wish List

Sana meron taong may ginintuang puso at bigyan ako kahit isa sa mga sampung hinahangad ko ngayong Pasko. 1. A condo unit (with at least 1 room preferably in Taguig, Manila, or Makati) 2. A brand new car, preferably Honda … Continue reading

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Major, Major

I don’t find MAJOR, MAJOR that is all over Twitter and Facebook and text messages funny at all. I agree with Mo Twister tweeting on how Filipinos were backing Venus Raj the entire pageant but made a 180-degree turn and … Continue reading

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