Random Thoughts

Random thoughts for the nth time. And here we go…

I have 92 minutes to kill before work ends. I’ve been itching to do some blogging for weeks now but laziness get the better of me. Blame it on The Good Wife which I have been binge-watching for weeks. It’s one of the best serial dramas out there. And mind you, the best series about lawyers I enjoyed watching since Ally McBeal back in the 90s. Go watch.


I have 7 weeks to kill before school starts. You read that right. I’m going back to school to get my MBA. That has been on the back of my mind, going to grad school, for years but it was only late last year that I committed. I don’t know about the other applicants but it was tough getting accepted into the MBA Program. It was a 5-month long process, from submitting requirements to passing the UP GPAT (Graduate Program Admission Test) then the Proficiency Exam.

I began to self-doubt that I wasn’t good enough, agonizing over it for days. But I got accepted and here I am, counting the weeks before I turn my back on book-reading and movie-watching and traveling.


I’ve been catching on my reading, taking advantage of the long break before school starts. I’m obsessed with Japanese literature and short story writers lately. Any Alice Munro collection of short stories is worth reading. Her writing and stories are exquisite. George Saunders, too. I’ve read his tenth of december short story collection and it is really good. His stories are different than Munro’s. While Munro’s stories focus on what is real and bites the human soul, Saunders’ are more on the absurd.


Movies. I haven’t watched any movie lately that is worth raving. I did watch this stupendously manipulative Korean movie called “Miracle in Cell No. 7”. The movie’s loopholes are so big, a dinosaur could pass right through it. Avoid it like the plague.


That’s it. Time to get back to work. The weekend beacons!


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2 Responses to Random Thoughts

  1. DB says:

    I read this one a day ago and I got curious about Miracle in Cell No. 7. I watched it and you are right about the loopholes. It’s a tearjecker movie though.

    I’ll try the Good Wife this weekend.

  2. 5Lens says:

    Welcome to my life, Scud. This is Skron, by the ways. The reason I disappeared from the blogosphere was me getting back to school. I could still do what I liked to do. Play video games and read comic books. But reading a book…it’s hard to find time for that.

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