The seat where the guy’s butt sat trembled with the ebb of sound waves created by the treble and bass of the music blaring out of the speakers. The jeepney was on the brink of collapse and has obviously stood the test of time. The rosary, carefully wound around the small metal bar that held the rearview mirror to the ceiling, danced as the music crooned and the jeepney swayed through the highway.

The passengers held on for dear life. When the jeep lurched forward, they moved to the opposite direction. Friction. Survival. The old lady, her face creased with a thousand lines crossing each other, made the sign of the cross and glared at the driver. A young man had a goofy grin on his face. The college girl sitting next to him blushed and fixed herself, holding her Secosana bag to her chest.

A mother showed off her tits. The infant in her arms, eyes closed and tiny fingers folded to a fist in the air, puckered his lips and brought his open mouth to the dark pointed tip of his mother’s breast without missing. Bullseye.

The man in the corner had his mouth open, drool gathering on the sides of his mouth. His eyes are closed, head tilted, arms folded and resting on his protruding belly, a black headset covering his ears. His eyelids flutter. A hint of a smile shows up on his face. Then a loud snore. He twitches his nose. He rubs the back of hos hand against it. One. Two. Three. He is in dreamland.

A woman, perhaps a saleslady who has spent much of her day on her feet attending to customers, rests her head on a man’s shoulder. They held hands. Her stockinged feet on rubber slippers crossed each other on the floor. The man turns his head and places a kiss on her forehead. He caresses her hair and closes his eyes, twirling his wedding ring with his finger.

The guy sitting opposite them wonders of the life they live and where they have been and where is the home they were going to. He notices the sign “Pull String to Stop”. He pulls the string and a red light flashes a few inches above the driver’s line of sight. He alights and stares at the letter M bathed on yellow light.

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3 Responses to Ride

  1. Dorm Boy says:

    This is one thing I miss ang sumakay sa jeep. I still remember the days when i commute going to office at nakasakay sa jeep. Masarap din pagmasdan kung minsan kung sino-sino nakakasakayan mo.

    Same fare pa rin ba?

  2. Atticus says:

    nice details. galing!

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