Quickie Reviews

No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti. Cannot Love With You. A 2009 Taiwanese film which begins with seemingly random news about a man holding hostage a girl on a foot bridge. We later learn the man is the father of the child being held hostage. The film then embarks on the story on what came before and the aftermath of the hostage-taking. And you know that voice on your head screaming please end the movie on this scene? I heard that voice and guess what? It did. Ang galing!


Harana. I’ve heard write-ups how good this documentary was after it premiered at this year’s Cinemalaya. I missed it then but I wasn’t going to miss it when I learned it was going to be shown in UP on August 28th. I had lofty expectations for the film and sad to say I wasn’t completely floored by it. The documentary feels more like a love letter to the music that has and or is about to disappear into oblivion. It felt sentimental too but does not attempt to make the viewers cry. It was lovely. The lyrics of songs beautiful.


The Road. Good visuals does not make a great movie. Yam Laranas gets the suspense right when three teenagers go for a night ride on a deserted road. When two of the 3 die and the film goes into flashback mode, it goes downhill and never regains its footing. Inconsistencies are everywhere. And I don’t get it why this film was chosen as a NYT Critics’ Pick.


Other noteworthy movies I’ve watched for the past weeks are: Chronicle, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Magic Mike, and Jeff, Who Lives at Home.


Give Up Tomorrow is screening in UP on Wednesday, September 5 @ 530pm. Tickets are for sale at P100 each. I have mine na. See you!



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One Response to Quickie Reviews

  1. andy says:

    Wasn’t able to see Harana. Ang napanood ko yung Boundary, same director. Great movie!

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