Cinemalaya 2012: Quickie Thoughts Part 2

Kalayaan. A story of a Filipino soldier as he spends his remaining days on an island he has been guarding for close to 3 months. The film shows his loneliness and slow descent to madness. His daily routine, which if you think about it is utterly boring, manages to be not boring. The night scenes are wicked in a what-is-going-to-happen-to-him-in-the-dark way. Terrific. But can anyone explain to me the ending? (4/5)

Aparisyon. A nun arrives in a convent in the middle of the forest. A few weeks later, tragedy strikes involving her and another nun. The film is a joy to watch. It is quiet and moves at a leisurely pace but never boring. That scene between Sta Maria and Dizon was really good. My friend told me later “Ramdam mo ang emosyon nila.” It was. This is, thus far, may favorite film from the festival. (5/5)

Requieme. 3 deaths and the attempts of the people they left behind to claim the dead body and bury them. The CCP LNA screening was marred with technical issues. I think the talent of Arcenas and perhaps the subtitles saved the viewing experience from going the north side of epic failure. It is hilarious and the performances of Buencamino and Falcon are first-rate. (4.5/5)

Posas. A day in the life of a young man caught stealing a cellphone. I didn’t like the movie. It felt like I was getting a lecture on the processing involved when filing a case against a crime suspect. The saving grace was John Lapus but he wasn’t part of the story. He could have been edited out of the film and he won’t be missed. On second thought, I guess he would be. It made my viewing experience much more bearable. (2/5)

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10 Responses to Cinemalaya 2012: Quickie Thoughts Part 2

  1. Dorm Boy says:

    Hmmm parang papanoorin ko ung Aparisyon at Requime! =)

  2. andy says:

    Ako lang yata ang hindi masyadong gusto ang Kalayaan. I’m outnumbered! 😛

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  6. andy says:

    This is completely unrelated to the reviews you wrote above, I just wanna ask… After viewing REquieme! I stood up and didn’t bother watching the end credits. Were there additional/bonus scenes there? Parang hanging kasi yung ending, so I thought, oh no, I shouldn’t have left the theater agad, baka may additional scenes sa end credits.

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