Two Firsts

The current year is a landmark year for my travels. Early this year I had my first trip out of the country and, due to scheduling conflict with a travel buddy, my first solo trip.

My friends thought I was crazy when I insisted on pushing through with the trip even after my friend backed out. It was the exact same reaction when I announced I was going to Basilan early last year. I told them I was going to be fine and started visited blogs and forums. I sent reservations not only to 1 but 3 budget hotels. I made a list on where to go and a planned budget. I bought a small notebook and wrote down my options and contacts numbers. I asked a friend who know someone who could drive me around in one of the countries on my itinerary.

So a few weeks ago I went on my first solo trip and learned how to let my guard down. I initiated conversations with OFWs – receptionists, a supervisor, and an airport staff. I learned to approach black-haired travelers and ask “Pinoy ka ka ba?”. I was always right and we would have a quick chat. We would share anecdotes and tips on the best tourist spot to visit or the best place to eat or the best place to buy souvenirs. I made small talk with fellow guests in the hotel where I stayed and enticed them of our beaches. I smiled instead of my usual scowl-poker face.

It was a fantastic experience. Something that I will 100% do again in the near future. I will try to share my experience through a series of blog posts. Here’s hoping I won’t lose interest. Haha.

Happy weekend, everyone. Good vibes!

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9 Responses to Two Firsts

  1. PM says:

    this is so cool! i’m glad you had this kind of travel experience and i wish i’d get my chance to tell a story like this too. looking forward to the rest of your story!

  2. dyimeno says:

    congratulations! traveling alone is a great teacher. it changes you in profound ways.

  3. dyimeno says:

    traveling alone makes you a better decision-maker. congratulations!

  4. Dorm Boy says:

    Nice naman! Ako rin I booked a flight outside Pinas. Wala din ako kasama kaso I still dont have my pocket money yet. Ipon-ipon pa! I’ll wait sa mga kwento ng trip mo. Bon Jovi este Bon voyage! =)

  5. ewok1993 says:

    good for you. i’m sure you enjoyed the experience immensely. and we hope you’d be tattling, err blogging, about the experience very soon.

  6. Kevin says:

    A solo trip has its own pros and cons, but I’m hoping you’ll feel good about it. I envy you for the dedication in planning getaways, since I’m the kind of a traveler who usually dreams about a place without even checking out the board and lodging rates, plane ticket discounts, etc. 🙂

    P.S: Pa-update ng link sa sidebar! 🙂 Salamat!

  7. blissfullyrich says:

    hi i dropped by again to thank you for the GoT ebooks, am already on my 4th and cant wait to finish it finally, thanks again sir 🙂

  8. len says:

    Wow, that’s very liberating. Looking forward to doing this, too! 🙂

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