I went out for a few drinks with a few friends the other night. We seated ourselves, all 7 of us, around a table fit for 4. It was a Friday night and the place was teeming with yuppies, who it seemed were decided to drink the week’s stress away.

That night the rain fell with abandon. The beer flowed. The air burst with drunken conversation and laughter. At times, the falling of utensils and beer bottles pierced the humid air, already thick with cigarette smoke.

We talked practically any topic that came to mind. Books. Movies. Music. Politics. The Arts. Philosophy. Sex. It was spontaneity at the extreme. And as the clock ticked the night away into the early hours of the morning, a question was thrown out to the group – Where do we see ourselves 3 decades later.

Those who were yet to upgrade into the 3.x version mused that by then they would have published a book, owned a travel agency, became a renowned art designer, and climbed into the upper rungs of the corporate ladder. Mine was simple. I’d have retired to a place near the beach and peacefully enjoying my old age.

That got me thinking. I too was once in my 20s. I too once dreamed big for myself. I too envisioned to being this and that. But as I aged I realized, and I only mused and consciously realized this that night, that I had pushed those dreams to the backseat. I guess this was because the opportunities that would have helped me realize those dreams have so far eluded me. Surely those dreams will always be there. Maybe there will always be a small part of me who would be disappointed on how I turned out.

But for now, I’ll take whatever life has so far offered me. Who knows maybe in the next year or so my dreams would change again. Maybe something eventful would happen and those dormant dreams would make its way into my consciousness again. Maybe instead of retiring to a place where I could watch the sun work its daily magic on the skies, I’d want to be the technical guru everyone turns to for advise or a manager who will develop people.

My point is you take whatever curve ball life throws at you and deal with it. You may give up your dream at that time. It may depress you for some time. It may even take some of the life out of you. But you must not forget to keep on dreaming, no matter how simple that dream is, no matter how mundane that dream is to others. That’s what life is made of, I guess. Dreaming. Hoping. Those are what keeps one going and going and going. Just like one energizer bunny.

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7 Responses to Dreams

  1. Atticus says:

    Ito nga pala ang wish ko para sa iyo:
    May you find your greatest love…at the most opportune time, and may that love and excitement last until old age, and may you feel that love for and be loved by, your partner until your last breath. “

  2. ewok1993 says:

    move on….. keep moving……you won’t get to your destination (dream) if you stop moving.

  3. diligots says:

    ^ THIS!

  4. Dorm Boy says:

    Bilog ang bola sabi nga nila sa basketball maraming pwedeng mangyari… same with our life. Just go with the flow lang.

  5. PM says:

    somehow this made me feel sad. but i guess losing dreams is a reality of life. the again, so is finding and rekindling dreams and eventually making them come true.

  6. Sounded like you had a great time drinking, hehe. Merry Christmas!

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