One Day

I wanted to read a book that was an easy and fast read, one that if if it were a movie would be described as “popcorn movie”. One Day was the lucky book. It chronicles the story of Dexter and Emma who spends a night together of their graduation and each anniversary year of the next 20 years. The book starts light but goes into dark territory on the middle part heading towards its quite cinematic conclusion.

The book is not really a love story between the 2 main protagonists but sort of snapshots of real life. That through the years we have our ups and downs. Na ang buhay ay pana-panahon lang. That what we are now is a disappointment if the us from years ago were to give the verdict. That sometimes life sucks, that sometimes curve balls are thrown at us that we don’t anticipate, and that when we just hang on – really hang on until our hands hurt from hanging on too long – the stars would realign for us again.

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14 Responses to One Day

  1. Dorm Boy says:

    I think showing na to now. Mapanood nga muna, I am not a book reader kasi eh so, sa movie na lang ako magrerely. hehehe!

  2. raft3r says:

    kakagaling ko lang ke andy
    kaya akala ko namalik-mata ako kasi i saw this poster sa kanya
    happy sunday, scud!

  3. @raft3r: Great minds think alike. Meh ganun? lol

  4. ewok1993 says:

    i’m interested in seeing this, i didn’t know there is a book. will check it out.

  5. PM says:

    hmm.. maybe i will read it first.

  6. Hey Scud! Loved the book, was disappointed with the movie. Sayang ang mga detalye.

  7. Sonia says:

    I’ve seen the movie…and I have an ebook. the movie came first kc. regardless, you know me, I’m still rooting for love, in whatever form and style.

  8. sam says:

    nabasa ko yang book pero ndi ko naramdaman na showing na sya. sayang…

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