Books of 2011

Eight months into 2011 and I have collected books I most likely won’t be able to read until my retirement. I really should refrain from stepping inside bookstores but I always get weak in the knees when I see shelves of books or a poster that screams SALE!.

The Passage and A Visit from the Goon Squad were gifts (see photo). I wish for a hardcover edition of Harry Potter Books 1, 2, and 4 for Christmas – the only ones missing from my collection. Any givers?

A photo of some of my book purchases for 2011.

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8 Responses to Books of 2011

  1. Jay says:

    WOW! You have so many books! I am drooling!

  2. From your collection, I have Paris to the Moon, Bearing the Body, The Book Thief, Snow, Wishin’ and Hopin’, The Virgin Suicides, and Great Expectations.

    Haven’t read them all yet, though. πŸ˜€

  3. PM says:

    i find that i am scared to purchase books just like that. i get bored so easily. i cannot ocunt how many books i have bought and not read through!

  4. Atticus says:

    whoa! pahiram pahiram! iyan ang magandang ugali ng mga kabataan, ang pagbabasa. (okay lang na di mo mabasa pa. at least you have something available to grab when you have free time)

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