Photos: Adios, Basilan

These are photos I shot on our last day in Basilan onboard a fast craft that will bring us back to Zamboanga City then to Manila before the day ends.

Special thanks to gbert for his the lomo project blogpost.

Ang Pantalan ng Isabela

Ang Pagmumuni sa Sagwan na Kulay Dilaw

Ang Mapunong Pagalalakbay


Ang Bata sa Dulo ng Bangka

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6 Responses to Photos: Adios, Basilan

  1. gbert says:

    astiiiig!!! for once, my post had been put into good use. 🙂 salamats ng madami scud! btw, mangroves ba yung sa 4th pic?

  2. Sonia says:

    hey, cool pics, C. great work, Gbert. when was this trip?

  3. Kamusta Basilan? Good thing you came back in one piece, hehe

  4. ewok1993 says:

    wow galing! what’s up with lomo that’s keeping everyone wanting to do it?

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