Cinemalaya 2011: Niño

I’ve been hearing from those who know their movies that among this year’s crop of Cinemalaya New Breeds, Niño is the best.

I disagree. To be the best, the film must be outstanding from the get-go. Niño was not. The first few sequences of the film were shaky. The film trying to find its footing.

It didn’t help that the screening I attended in GB3 was marred with technical glitches. The screen would turn blue, the characters speaking but without the audio. Screening had to stop for a few minutes and when continued, the audio lagged from what we were seeing.

Don’t get me wrong. The film is a great ensemble piece. The acting and ‘batuhan ng linya’ between and among the characters is probably the best I’ve seen in the festival. They don’t overdo it. Tamang-tama lang ang timpla.

The film is a slice of life. Siblings bickering. Old women reminiscing the golden past over black-and-white photos. Incest, (I get the vibes the elderly siblings have a sexual history). Homosexuality. Religiosity.

It is a film about responsibilities, about sacrifices, and about familial love which we see – rather than hear – through the tears from a daughter as she sees her father in his deathbed, an elderly woman giving a sponge bath to a stroke-stricken sibling, a brother lightly embracing a sister, and a father hugging a clueless son.

It’s one of the best films of this year’s crop. It’s not the best among the best, though.

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3 Responses to Cinemalaya 2011: Niño

  1. Visual Velocity says:

    Saw this yesterday. I like the ending, hindi OA. I’m off to watch 5 films today sa Cinemalaya. I hope I survive, heheh

  2. gbert says:

    i would want to see at least one movie from cinemalaya pero parang ang hirap talaga lumabas ng bahay kasama ang asawang buntis.. we might have to try tomorrow as well.

    i’ve heard and read good reviews about the movies and it’s really enticing to watch..let me check if i can see this film. i think this movie, as you mentioned is quite worth watching..

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