Photos: Downtown Isabela City, Basilan

Isabela City’s commercial center is basically comprised of small businesses. There are no big malls or department stores. Hotels are inexistent. Other business have closed shop, its owners opting to do business elsewhere.

At the center is the provincial hall, a small park with free wifi connection, and the lone Catholic church.

Here are a few photos I took.

Basilan Provincial Capitol, an imposing structure located in the heart of Isabela City.

A small park located a few meters from the provincial capitol. It is not surprising to see locals with their laptops taking advantage of free-wifi.

A church located across the park. Security is tight around the area. Armed soldiers are always visible.

A shot I took inside the church, a lone soldier probably waiting to be sent somewhere in the province.

These kids wanted their pics taken but asked first if they had to pay for the photo. I laughed. I said I would happily oblige to their request, free-of-charge.

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15 Responses to Photos: Downtown Isabela City, Basilan

  1. happy, happy birthday scud!!!
    all the best on your “new” year

  2. ewok1993 says:

    what were you doing in basilan? did you go with dong ho and lawstude?

    uy b/day mo pla. hope you have a blessed one. hinay hinay sa tagay.

  3. xion says:

    hey happy birthday! i like the last pic, i love their smiles 🙂

  4. dong ho says:

    hahaha… funny how that plaza actually has free wifi. the city office gave people more reason to go to the plaza.

  5. Dorm Boy says:

    Belated Happy Bday bro! All the best and more blogging time for u!

  6. gbert says:

    uy happy birthday!! nakakatuwa pala ung mga bata, nagtanong pa kung may bayad ano.. at sana ipa-wifi na ang buong pinas!! haha

  7. Oman says:

    belated happy birthday chid. the last pic is priceless.

    byahe na tayo uli.

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