Photos: White Beach, Malamawi Island, Basilan Part 2

These photos were taken on a soon-to-be mountain resort, part of a plan to develop White Beach. The view here is breathtaking. Too bad not all travelers can marvel of what Basilan can offer to Philippine Tourism.

A perfect place for viewing the sunset. Or is it sunrise?

Panoramic view of the fields behind White Beach.

No, that cross is not perched on a tomb but on a slab of a cement. I'm pretty sure it ain't.

One of my favorite shots, overlooking the fields behind White Beach. This here is my current laptop wallpaper.

I shot this photo far from the rest of the group, underneath the trees, a few meters away from the white cross.

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9 Responses to Photos: White Beach, Malamawi Island, Basilan Part 2

  1. Breathtaking. As for me, all I can do is to stay at home.

  2. Lawstude says:

    one of the most memorably dangerous and heart-pounding trip i ever had. awesome shots chid 🙂

  3. raft3r says:

    ang ganda dito, ah
    sana hindi sya masira ng

    happy easter, scud!!!

  4. Atticus says:

    haaay. ang ganda talaga ng basilan. ang sarap sanang tumambay riyan at mangisda kaso di pa naayos ang peace and order. di bale, sana malapit na.

  5. ewok1993 says:

    that would become a must destination with views like that.

  6. gbert says:

    i really like the last shot, maybe because of the greens.. unfortunately for me siguro, i will have a hard time to convince myself to go there.. unless i also have a friend who’s from there..

  7. bobbyrey says:

    i can assure that you will be safe in going there just give me a call 09167138518

  8. bobbyrey says:

    atticus the peace and order nw is improving kaya marami nang tao pumupunta sa white beach and on top of this hill

  9. dong ho says:

    natawa ako sa byahe diyan dahil kay oman. ganda nga ng view sa taas.

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