Photos: White Beach, Malamawi Island, Basilan

White Beach is located in Malamawi Island right across Isabela City, the capital of Basilan. This is one of the better beaches I’ve been to. Locals said the waves were bigger than normal when we went, making the water less green and less clear. But still, the place was impressive. Who knew the infamous Basilan has a hidden treasure as good as this?

A shot of the waters of White Beach. My friends say the waters look way, way better when the waves are normal. Perhaps a valid reason to go back in a few years?

The right end of White Beach.

The road to nowhere amidst vertically-challenged coconut trees.

A shot of the shoreline taken from the rocky left end of the beach.

A small sari-sari store where armed military men assigned to guard the beach probably buy their sustenance.

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23 Responses to Photos: White Beach, Malamawi Island, Basilan

  1. ewok1993 says:

    how can one relax when there are armed men guarding the beach? ingat.

    • the scud says:

      konti lang naman sila and they keep to one place.

      • Mary Bernadette Bella says:

        Hehehehe…their presence should not be a cause for discomfort. Their presence actually is a comfort and does give us security. We know that there is less chances that the insurgents would attack because they are there.

  2. gbert says:

    whoaah! a lot of people won’t even go there! but i agree, ang ganda nga nung beach! eh summer na summer na ako ngayon! gusto ko na ng beach.. di lang puwede kasi buntis si misis.. di puwede bumyahe..

    so by the way, what made you go there??

  3. raft3r says:

    ang ganda ng kuha mo don sa sari-sari store!

  4. I really want to experience that kind of beach. sighs.

  5. What an awesome panoramic view. Basilan is one of the few places I want to go to in the near future.

  6. bobbyrey says:

    its nicer nw you can go there and safe the security there are in place to secure not to crate panic same as in other places and resorts they have security on guard

  7. dong ho says:

    great shots Tzed. nakapunta na rin talaga.

  8. Ceg Gonz says:

    wow ! ! ! very nice.

  9. Ceg Gonz says:

    very nice ! ! !

  10. cegki gonz says:

    wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. cegki gonz says:

    nice place . . .

  12. Ceg Gonz says:

    oh yeah ! very nice place.

  13. cegki gonz says:

    this beach so nice . . .

  14. Ceg Gonz says:

    so nice . . .

  15. Halina says:

    The beach of Malamawi, are amazing better then Boracay, Palawan, naturall not a man made stuff that you get from Boracay, Palawan & Cebu. Experience Malamawai Beach you will know what i am talking about, you people probably wont leave the place….

  16. jaife antolo says:

    hello, can i ask permission to use your pic on malamawi? ill acknowledge you for photo credit.


  17. Pea says:


    I was trying to look for contact details on your site but couldn’t find it. 😦 Just wanted to let you know that we used one of your Malamawi photos on I hope this is okay! If not, please feel free to email me – I added it under my contact details as a commenter. πŸ™‚

    Thank you!

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