Films of January

Blue Valentine. Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are remarkable in this distressing film about a young couple whose relatively young marriage is doomed for failure. Those last few sequences, from the hospital to Williams’ father’s house, are outstanding. What makes the film more heartbreaking are the flashbacks of the couple’s first meeting and their blossoming romance which further proves, for cynics, that there really is no “and they lived happily ever after”.

The King’s Speech. King George VI, Queen Elizabeth’s father, has a speaking impediment – he stammers. The film is how the king overcomes this impediment through the help of an Australian commoner. The film will probably win the top prize in this year’s Oscars but that really is a testament to the Weinsten’s Oscar magic. My vote still goes to David Fincher’s The Social Network.

127 Hours. For 127 hours in 2003, Aron Ralston’s right arm is trapped by a boulder after falling off a canyon somewhere in Utah. Hallucinating, hungry, and thirsty he attempts what very few men has done before – amputate his arm to free himself and seek for help. This is the main focus of Danny Boyle’s latest film starring James Franco, who is practically the lone actor in the film. You wonder how Boyle could make a film about a guy trapped in a boulder interesting, but he does. And the amputation scene is not that gross.


Hereafter. A man who can talk to the dead, a woman who survives a tsunami, and the other half of a twin mourning the death of a brother. These 3 are the main protagonists of Clint Eastwood’s film about the afterlife. It is a somber film that only a few would appreciate. The tsunami sequence at the beginning of the film is worth seeing.

Tron: Legacy. This film tells the story of Sam who follows his father Kevin into the virtual world that the latter created and got trapped into when the former was still a kid. The plot is not really outstanding but I dig the visuals. The film is really more of a visual feast than an insta-classic sci-fi film like The Matrix.


Ang Tanging Ina: Last Na ‘To. TANGINA NILA! Freaking waste of time and money.

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11 Responses to Films of January

  1. andy says:

    my vote goes to The King’s Speech rather than the The Social Network.

    tayo na ang critic! haha!

  2. gbert says:

    tsk tsk.. dami kong hahabulin na movies.. di na kami nakakapagmovie date ni wifey.. yung social network di namin matapos tapos sa dvd.. haha gusto kong panooring ung 127 hours… interesting.. napanood ko yung black swan.. hanep nga naman.. pagkatapos ng movie, chineck ko muna sarili ko baka mawala din ako sa sanity.. magaling si natalie portman..

  3. ewok1993 says:

    the 3 highly recommended films are also in my list of must-see on Netflix. i’m glad you liked them.

  4. raft3r says:

    when will you ever learn?
    anything lopez related is pure trash

  5. ahmer says:

    Dami ko pang pending na movies’ nacheck mo ma yung Movies? Oks ba yung copy?

  6. PM says:

    i want to watch no. 2 and 3. nakita ko sa time na mahusay nga daw talaga ito.

  7. Atticus says:

    dami kong di napapanood na movie. hay

  8. len says:

    Loser ko lang, di ko pa napapanood iyan. Nasa computer ko pa lang, waiting to be played. hehe

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