I Know This Much is True

I know this now. Mountaineering is not for me. The first time I climbed (trekked) a mountain was in Mt. Pinatubo a few years back. I think it took more than an hour of nonstop walking to reach the summit and it was then the most tiring walk I ever had. But not anymore.

Over the weekend, I finally had the chance to conquer Mt. Pulag – the 3rd highest peak in the country, the highest in Luzon – after begging off last October because of conjunctivitis. The mountain is freaking cold, the temperature dropping to 7 degrees Celsius when we conquered the summit on the early hours of Sunday.

My fingers were freezing. It was like I had both my hands on a block of ice and I could not take my hands off it.
I had 6 layers of clothes on my back – a t-shirt, 2 sweaters, and 3 jackets – but it was not enough to ward off the cold.
I had 3 layers of socks – 1 ankle-high, 2 knee-high – and it was just enough to numb my feet from the cold.

You may think I will not go through that again. But I will. Maybe in a year or two. I never did get to see the sunrise or the sea of clouds on top of the mountain. It was drizzling. And fog was all over the place.

Here are some photos I took.

Taken at the DENR. Registration and short lecture on what to do and what not to do in Pulag.

Pulag Conquerers

The Beginning. 7.5km to the summit - 4.5 hours of trekking

Nature calls at the shack

The shepherd watching over his sheep.

The Descent to The Mist - Part 1

The Descent to The Mist - Part 2

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12 Responses to I Know This Much is True

  1. What a lovely feeling that is. To feel cold. To see mist. Sigh.

  2. I haven’t tried climbing a mountain before. Hopefully within the year. Some friends are planning to do a Kota Kinabalu trip.

  3. raft3r says:

    ang galing naman ni scud

  4. ewok1993 says:

    i’m sure it’s fabulous up there and the view is spectacular. but this i know too – i don’t need to try mountain climbing to know it’s not my cup of java 🙂

  5. gbert says:

    upon reading your post, i asked wifey if we could climb a mountain next year.. we have not climbed together except the sagada adventure last year.. but it wasn’t mountaineering at all.. this is an inspiration.. habang kaya pa ng tuhod, aakyat tayo ng bundok!!

  6. len says:

    My sister’s into mountaineering as well and the family always get so worried every time she climbs. But she’d always tell us how overwhelming the feeling is every time they reach the peak of the mountain.

    COngrats on the conquer! 🙂

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