I pretty much wasted my 20s away, career-wise. I traded a promising job in a company which manufactures hard drives for the skyscrapers of Ayala Avenue. I hopped from one job to the next, seeking a better pay but not providing career advancement opportunities (read: promotion) for myself. I didn’t set any goals. I wasn’t a go-getter. I was, in retrospect, burnt-out. Parang napagod ako sa kahahabol sa mga goals nung ako kay nag-aaral pa.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about those “wasted” years and vowed to make something out of my life now that I’m in my 30s. To start with, I’m contemplating of leaving IT and returning to engineering. I have contacted an uncle who could hopefully help me seek a job overseas as an engineer. If that doesn’t work out, I might try working on a cruise ship.

I’m done being the lackadaisical scud. It’s time to get into the groove. The return of the comeback.

Wish me luck.

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13 Responses to Wasted

  1. You’re already in your 30’s? Ibig sabihin mas matanda ka sa ‘kin?

    Good luck man! 🙂

  2. panaderos says:

    I have a business degree but like you, spent way too many years in IT before I realized where my true passion really was. Thus, I made a deliberate decision several years ago to get out of the IT profession and back to finance. The first year or so was an adjustment but looking back, I’m glad I made that decision.

    I wish you the best. Based on what you wrote, your true passion seems to be in the engineering field. Come home to it while you still have time and you will find more meaning in it. Take care.

  3. Atticus says:

    ading ko, all the luck. all the best.

  4. Dorm Boy says:

    Bigla naman ako napaisip idol kasi i gave up a career na alam kong ok sa akin. Gaya mo napagod lang din ako to continue life on it. THanks for this, it reminds me not to waste the 20’s of my life.

    I will pray the best for u idol! Sna nga dis time good path on ur career naman! Go get it boy!!!

  5. raft3r says:

    lahat naman nagdadaan sa ganyan, eh

    good luck!

  6. raft3r says:

    new york na tayo!

  7. len says:

    We all look forward to finding our own niche. I’m sure you will one day. Good luck! (Kahit late na comment na) hehe

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