Favorite Local Films of 2010

Here are my favorite local films I saw in 2010 regardless of their year of commercial release.

Brutal (’80). A battered wife (Amy Austria) is made a sex slave by her abusive husband (Jay Ilagan).

Donor (’10). A woman (Meryl Soriano) decides to sell her kidneys to raise funds to pay for her employment to a foreign land.

Here Comes the Bride (’10). Angelica Panaganiban delivers as a gay man trapped in a woman’s body.

Hinugot sa Langit (’85). Ishmael Bernal directs this lone Filipino film that bravely tackles the sensitive topic of abortion.

Kung Mangarap Ka’t Magising (’77). A college man (Christopher de Leon) and a forlorn wife (Hilda Koronel) forge a non-platonic friendship in the City of Pines.

Manila By Night (’80). Intertwining stories set in Manila directed by Ishmael Bernal. This is wildly recognized as Bernal’s best and purest cinema.

Miss You Like Crazy (’10). Star Cinema finally makes an ending of a film that justifies the movie’s plot. That’s a blatant dig at the unbelievably frustrating ending of One More Chance.

Orapronobis (’89). A heart-wrenching film about the atrocities of rebels during the early days of the Cory Aquino regime.

Sa ‘Yo Lamang (’10). A prodigal father (Christopher de Leon) returns to his family he left a decade earlier for another woman.

Sampaguita (’10). The film follows the national flower as it is plucked in the early hours of the morning to late at night when they are peddled as garlands by street children.

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5 Responses to Favorite Local Films of 2010

  1. ewok1993 says:

    where can i get those old movies? are they available in dvd?

  2. Kaka-inis hindi ko napanood yung Donor sa Cinemalaya. Hindi rin naman nila pinalabas commercially sa mga Malls. Sana ilabas man lang sa DVD, hehe. Happy New Year!

  3. raft3r says:

    panalo ang here comes the bride
    ang kulit n eugene domingo dyan

    alam mo bang magsasam sa isang movie si marian at angelica?
    director nila ay yun gumawa ng here comes the bride
    panalo, diba
    scoop yan!

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