Work and Play

I know of some people who take satisfaction in the number of zeros on their bank accounts, in the number of titles attached to their names, and in how high their positions are in the corporate ladder. But in achieving these, they tire themselves. Existing relationships are strained. Loved ones are taken for granted.

These people are focused so much on success that forget what I believe is what matters most in this life – developing and nurturing relationships with families, friends, and significant others.

My mantra in life has always been “don’t make yourself a slave of your work and get blinded by your dreams you forget the people whom you care for”. I am the type of person who almost always makes my relationships a priority. There may be instances that I would prioritize my work but I know when to put my foot down, when to ask for a respite. That may not impress my bosses but I’ve done that before and I won’t think twice of doing it again.

I don’t want to wake up one day realizing that my youth has passed me by and that I have not seen the world. I don’t want to wake up one day having all the money that I want, all the titles I could insert to my name, a corporate position to die for, and living in my (dream) house but no one to share it with. Or I may have someone but what we have is a union of convenience – someone who could warm my bed at nights, spoon with in the morning, or a constant date in social functions.

I don’t want to be the guy who is “all work but no play”. Sabi nila it makes one dull daw. And that is one adjective I don’t want to be called. Suntukan na lang.

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7 Responses to Work and Play

  1. lawstude says:

    i have lots of zeroes kaso nasa left side ng number 🙂

    tama ka jan bro, dapat balance lang lahat. pero teka, bakit may suntukan? haha

  2. ahmer says:

    Oh, mas ok ata na lang ang huling linya. Haha

  3. gillboard says:

    work life balance lang.

  4. Skron says:

    I’m also the guy who only work so I could play. That’s why I only work 3 times a week instead of 5.

    But not all people have good families, friends and significant others though. So what’s important really depends on a person. I have a couple of friends who worked their ass off just so they can get away from their families. Then I know a person, a young doctor whom I worked with before, who has nothing (mom died when he was a kid, dad died just after he started his residency). So he focused on being a good doctor instead.

  5. Paborito kong hirit ‘yang last line mo. LOL!

    I used to think that way too, but the opportunity of working abroad came. It was a difficult decision, and in the end I had to make some sacrifices. So I guess it depends on your purpose and goals.

  6. ewok1993 says:

    one should master balancing act in order to fully enjoy life.

    i have to have more zeroes 🙂

  7. I’m a proud hedonist. Enjoy muna, think of the bill later. Haha

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