I don’t like goodbyes. There is a seeming finality to the word. An end. A period. A closed book.

I remember getting teary-eyed Whenever it was time to fly back to the big city after a short vacation at home. I would almost always refuse to speak whenever it was time to leave, fearing my voice would crack. And I would almost always refuse eye contact.

It is tough to say goodbye to loved ones – whether on their deathbed or on those few precious minutes before their caskets are lowered to the ground. You shed tears knowing that going forward they will remain alive only in your memories. And memories fade no matter how much you cling to them. One day you can conjure an image of them in a heartbeat, the next time you try it is gone.

It is also equally tough to say goodbye to a relationship that has recently ended. A special bond has just been severed. Lovers become strangers or even enemies overnight. A few can transition into friends but that’s really more of an exception than the rule.

Maybe, in the unforeseeable future you may accidentally bump into each other. It WILL be awkward, maybe a wide gamut of emotions will come rushing to the surface, maybe you get shaken to the core, or maybe you will feel nothing but genuine joy to see a former lover whom you used to share a life with.

You may trade quick pleasantries – show pictures of the wife or the husband or the SO or the kids, promise to grab dinner or coffee sometime which you both know won’t ever happen – and then proceed to where you were originally headed before the accidental bump.

That’s how life is. People come into our lives, make their mark, and leave. Tapos na ang misyon nila at panahon na para bumitiw at magpaalam.

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7 Responses to Goodbye

  1. ahmer says:

    I can totally relate to this post. goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting and sometimes goodbye means another hello. God be with you.

  2. Andy says:

    Saying goodbyes is inevitable, it’s part of the cycle. But don’t fret because every goodbye is equivalent to another hello.

    Time will come that you will bump into each other again, catching you off guarded. In that time, you will realize how far have you gone – is the same feeling you felt and the hurting will delude you again or you already moved on?

    Take time to feel the hurt now because it tells you how much you loved her. However, make sure to move on when time comes to welcome another opportunity.

    ANG HABA NG COMMENT! hahaha!

  3. gillboard says:

    ito ba yung kinuwento mo dati? yung sa pbcom?

  4. Atticus says:

    siguro matanda na ako o feeling ko lang matanda na ako, pero pag naiisip ko ngayon ang mga ex ko (at halos lahat sila naging kaibigan ko after some time), i wish them well. sana masaya lahat sila at mabubuting tao silang lalo. (kasi susku, ayokong masabing jerk lahat ang mga ex ko!).

    but you know what? those goodbyes made me tougher.

  5. Dorm Boy says:

    Someone said to me that in life, all people we meet have their mission for us. They are either temporary or permanent. Those who come and go leave a mark in our life but those who stayed for good, we wish for eternity being with them. I also hate goodbye.

  6. prinsesamusang says:

    i think i’m good with good bye. i have enough sense to think of the conclusion of your post fast so i can take it. but it does not mean i do not feel the same things. but i guess good bye are exciting in a way because you are always assured of the next hello.

  7. I don’t like saying “goodbyes” too. Sa mga previous work ko, bigla na lang ako nawawala. Walang paalam-paalam. lol

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