Films of October

I pretty much spent most of my October days holed up at home. I’ve been afflicted with conjunctivitis of the worst kind according to my ophthalmologist for a couple of weeks now. My eyes will continue to have the virus for at least a couple more weeks. It’s a big letdown. But the good thing is I was able to watch a few more movies. Here are the rundown.

The Class (’08). A French film that received the Palm d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival about a teacher and his students. This is no Stand By Me or Dangerous Minds. There is no moral lesson at the end but, oh boy, those classroom interactions were terrific. I could watch scenes similar to those for hours and I won’t mind.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World (’10). Scott Pilgrim meets and starts dating Ramona Flowers. The path that blocks the two lovers’ happiness are Roman’s 7 evil exes, played by Chris Evans, Brandon Routh, and Jason Schwartzman, that Scott has to defeat in combat. This is, hands down, the COOLEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (’09). A Swedish film adaptation of the first book in the Millennium trilogy. It tells the story of a journalist and a hacker who investigate a decades-old missing person mystery. A multi-layered story and a surprisingly terrific film.

El Secreto De Sus Ojos (’09). An 2009 Argentinian film about two public servants who investigate the rape and murder of a young woman. The ending perfectly depicts what vengeance should really be.

The American (’10). George Clooney stars as a supplier of customized firearms who take refuge on a quaint Italian town where he befriends the town priest and a local whore. The musical score is bad ass. That final drive to a rendezvous with a lover at the film’s end is superb. And who would not be curious for the actress, who plays the local whore, that runs by the name Violante Placido?

How to Train your Dragon (’10). A young Viking befriends a dragon and sets out to prove to his father and the rest of their people that dragons are not as dangerous as they think they are. The action-packed climax is great and the ending quite bittersweet.

The Town (’10). Ben Affleck stars and directs this film about Boston robbers and the love affair that blossoms between the gang leader and the bank manager that they take hostage at the beginning of the film. Methinks Affleck should stick to directing than acting. Watch the movie to see for yourself.

The Informant (’10). Steven Soderbergh directs a middle-aged and overweight Matt Damon who turns against the company he works for for alleged price fixing. Damon is a joy to watch. Believe me.

The Other Guys (’10). Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrel are hilarious as police officers who always draw the flack from their colleagues for being losers – Wahlberg for shooting Derek Jeter during the World Series and Ferrel as an accountant more comfortable typing away at his office computer than hitting the streets.

The Ice Storm (’97). Ang Lee’s adaptation of a novel of the same name about two families in the 1970s trapped in a sad existences where couples switch husbands and wives and their kids experiment on sex.

Happy-Go-Lucky (’08). A film about a seemingly happy-go-lucky single woman who parties hard on weekends and hangs out with girl friends but turns out to be a primary school teacher. The lessons she takes with a driving instructor, Scott, is a joy to watch. There really is not much plot but Mike Leigh’s protagonist, played superbly by Sally Hawkins, is a charmer.

The A-Team (’10). A movie adaptation of a defunct television series about four military men is quite an enjoyable movie to pass the time while on house arrest.

Prince of Persia (’10). A live action adaptation of the video game, which I used to play on my PSP, about swordsmen and pirates. There is nothing special about this CGI-laden movie.

RED (’10). Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren star as retired CIA agents who band together to find out who is trying to silence them for good. An old-fashioned (pun intended) action film.

The Last Song (’10). Another of those formulaic Nicholas Sparks movie adaptations. That means someone dies in the end and women will cry buckets.

Eclipse (’10). Terrible.

Paano Na Kaya (’10). Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu plays best friends who fall in love. Nothing new there. Akting-aktingan ang dalawa which is painful to watch. And that “SYINOTA MO ANG BEST FRIEND MO” line is hilarious.

Sex and the City 2 (’10). Carrie and the rest of her gang are back and goes to Abu Dhabi for a much needed R&R. The movie is outstandingly terrible and devoid of any good taste.

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9 Responses to Films of October

  1. gillboard says:

    Where’d you find Scott Pilgrim?! I wanna watch that movie!!!

  2. ewok1993 says:

    jeez – you really filled your month with movies.

    this post reminds me i have to put satc2 and the a team in my netflix queue.

    how was your halloween?

  3. Atticus says:

    akala ko ba dapat ipahinga ang mata pag may conjunctivitis? haha!
    pahiram nga ng mga movie na iyan. ganda ng how to train your dragon, ano? wagi! at oo, ang ganda ng ending.

  4. Skron says:

    Man, I couldn’t imagine you watching Sex and the City 2. Unless…you saw this flick with a chick?

  5. Sonia says:

    True. 🙂 Check. Walking in the rain is romantic. (eeek!) <– leftover comment for last time's post.

    Hey, I want to watch Scott Pilgrim. Where'd you download it, C.?

  6. Andy says:

    gusto kong mapanood yung The Town.

  7. ahmer says:

    Isang movie lang napanood ko dyan! Hehe

  8. I like Happy Go Lucky. Yung kopya ko yung tag-40 pesos lang. Naghahanap ako ng mas maganda-gandang kopya, hehe. Yung bago ni Mike Leigh maganda raw.

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