All I Want for Christmas

Prinsesa Musang has come up with a great idea for gift-swapping for Christmas. I’m counting myself in since I had promised at the start of the current year, as a friend advised me, to “put myself out there”. So this is me not reneging on my promise.

Something small: Vibration Dampener (tennis)

Something big: running/tennis shorts

Something cute: Shih Tzu

Something soft: Stress Balls

Something techie: Nikkor 18-200mm lens

Something fancy: dog tag

Something blue: shirt

Something wearable: bonnet

Something you need: toiletry kit

Something you can use for work: Pen Holder

Something sweet: Choc Nut!

All I Want For Christmas: a one-bedroom condominium in BGC or Makati

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26 Responses to All I Want for Christmas

  1. gillboard says:

    wait, i thought P200 lang ang budget dito?!

  2. chyng says:

    shih tzu- hhmm keychain? hehe
    Nikkor 18-200mm lens – na mug? 😀

    ang mahal ng wishlist mo. swerte lang sa something sweet, pisong chocnut! ☼

  3. lawstude says:

    pwede na sakin chocnut pero kung may magbibigay ng one bedroom condominium eh di ko tatanggihan 🙂

  4. WCS Minor Circuit says:

    I would totally participate in this if it wasn’t for the fact that I live on the other side of the world and the shipping would probably be more than the gift itself. ;]

  5. Dorm Boy says:

    Makagawa na nga rin ng listahan! Sana me reunion ulit ang mga bloggers sa Xmas! Advance Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  6. raft3r says:

    chocnut lang ang mura, ah

  7. prinsesamusang says:

    scud noted na ang url mo, condo talaga eh no? haha but you forgot to send me your mailing details! please forward them to me tapos ill give you a partner na! thank you!

  8. Atticus says:

    susku. ang mamahal. sagot ko na ang chocnut.

  9. jake says:

    expensive ung list mo hehe.., pero i must admit, cute nga ang Shih Tzu 😉

  10. ewok1993 says:

    uy kasali ka pala. baka ikaw ka xchange ko ah.

  11. ahmer says:

    ang mamamahal naman nyan! haha

  12. gbert says:

    uy scud, anong ginagamit mong cam ba? wait, wala pa kong nakikitang pictures na kuha mo, sample nga!

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