I know a couple back in college, who have been together for over a decade, who are the coolest couple I know. They don’t hold hands that much in public. They’re not joined in the hip by some unseen magnet. If you don’t know them personally you’d think they were just friends hanging out together. I find it really cool. I like couples who keep their feelings for each other low key.

And for the past few months I have been reading declarations of love in Facebook on an unusually regular basis it is getting into my nerves. It’s kind of annoying. I call it FDA – Facebook Display of Affection.

If I get to read another of those kilometric fb statuses and I’m in a foul mood, I really am going to go ballistic and hide them from my Facebook News Feed.

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22 Responses to FDA

  1. One word: AMPALAYA (Joke lang.)

    Oi let’s have a bloggers’ meet-up pag-uwi ko, if you’re up for it.

  2. Skron says:

    FDA. I like it.

    I’m not much into PDA or doing normal couple stuff in Public. That’s why I don’t have many successful relationships. Most of my GF have called me “cold”.

  3. gillboard says:

    i like those kind of couples din. yung alam mong sila, pero pag magkasama, parang hindi. parang friends lang. feeling ko yung mga ganun yung talagang matagal nang magkasama. napagdaanan na yung pda moments.

  4. ewok1993 says:


    I know exactly what you’re groaning about!

  5. gbert says:

    hahaha mabait pa yan sa lagay na yan, kasi iha-hide mo lang, hindi idedelete mismo yung friend.. napaisip tuloy ako kung FDA kami.. most of the time i’d post pictures of our travels.. kahit yung sa luneta lang.. hahaha

  6. Andy says:

    tama! kakaasar! ni-remove ko na nga sila sa contacts ko eh. haha!

  7. Z says:

    gagayahin na ng iba tapos babaha na ng FDA kasi maiinggit na GF mo…


  8. prinsesamusang says:

    parang kami ni my man ko, yung first story, haha! yung iba naman okay lang sa fb, yung iba naman sobrang cheesy, tsk. o kaya baka bitter ka lang? haha! scud may blog event ako, sali ka! pati readers mo din!

  9. raft3r says:

    remind me not to that “uli” sa fb, ha

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