This week is my first week with my new (sub)team. Since Wednesday, my Indian boss has been after my throat – blowing up the minutest of issues, blaming me for mistakes of my replacement on my previous team, and threatening to pull me from my current team.

I got pissed. I got mad. I cursed. My blood pressure shots up. I get stressed when I see an unread email from him.

My teammates caution me not to butt heads with the guy. People management has been his problem. And when he starts ganging up on you, he will be relentless. They advice to just take the blows as they come. That what I am currently going through is much milder than what they have experienced.

Now I know why the senior experts, who were the original builders of the application we are supporting, resigned. That has given me more reason to start hunting for a new job. Aatakihin pa ako sa puso dahil sa kanya.

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7 Responses to Heat

  1. WCS Minor Circuit says:

    I can totally relate to this post, oddly enough. I’ve had to exhibit some major constraint (which is not my forte) at my job lately, having been paired up with one of the stupidest, most hateful people I’ve ever met. I’m reminded every day that the moment I lose my cool things will get worse, so I leave work each afternoon with a fair amount of bottled up rage. My co-workers tell me not to let it get to me, that she’s very unimportant, and I think I’ve done a decent enough job at that, but sometimes I just want to scream and tell her off. I need a new job. Hang in there, brother.

  2. gbert says:

    if you’re going to be blamed over something, you should at least be told about it with tact.. and be explained of the reason because you deserved to be explained with.. hindi lang ung basta basta lang biniblame.. kasi malay mo, hindi mo naman pala kagagawan un.. at kung kagagawan mo nga, eh di magawan ng paraan.. kaya mo yan and always remind yourself you’re better at handling this.. wag mo lang masyadong dibdibin kasi lugi ka talaga.. just keep those jobsites handy though.. hehe

  3. Skron says:

    Sounds like he’s power tripping. You should start saving, man. Just in case you lose your cool and you’d do something bad.

  4. raft3r says:

    mahirap magtrabaho kung asshole ang boss

  5. Atticus says:

    ayayay. may kakilala ako, psychologist ang boss niya, pero psycho. power-tripper, insecure, mayabang at walang people skills. kakaiba, di ba? higit sa lahat, ang akala yata ay guwapo ng boyfriend niya. pinagseselosan ang mga babae sa opisina pag pumapasyal si boylet. nyahaha!

    buti pa nga humanap ka ng kapalit bago mo maumbag. 🙂 good luck, and take it easy.

  6. ewok1993 says:

    hay naku – may a#%hole talaga kahit saan. hirap lang kung nasa power sila. good luck.

  7. beero™ says:

    hirap talaga pag di mo kasundo officemates mo. well, make sure to make a good decision dude. napadaan lang galing sa isa mong blog. thanks at andun ako sa blogroll. hehe

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