The plot of Quark Henares’ GAMITAN, starring Maui Taylor and Wendell Ramos, has been told before. Maui Taylor is the virginal lass. Wendell Ramos is the college basketball jock. He and his friends bet that he can “have” Maui inside of a month. Once he gets what he wants, he dumps the girl. The girl cries. Makes a scene – in the cafeteria, in the gym. The girl does a complete 180-degree turn. She becomes a slut. She wears make-up. She unbuttons one extra button on her blouse, showing a hardened cleavage. She toys with a gullible classmate played by Jordan Herrera making him dance to her will – commanding him to do nasty stuff including murder. The film is not bad at all. Henares has some tricks up his sleeve – playing a romantic song when Taylor oggles Ramos and utilizing a commendable musical score. Their first date intercuts with scenes running through each of their minds – Taylor with her romantic thoughts, Ramos with his dirty thoughts – is refreshing to watch.

I waited for almost a decade to get my hands on a DVD copy of the movie and to be honest it wasn’t really worth the wait. And I got bothered by Taylor’s bosoms. Big time.


Btw, I might also try Keka, the other movie from Quark Henares. I hear it’s pretty good.

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12 Responses to Gamitan

  1. WCS Minor Circuit says:

    Haven’t seen Gamitan, though I have seen Keka and thought it was above average. The climax of that movie, however, is beautifully filmed, and not just by low budget standards (goes to show that skill in film making is worth more than money if properly applied). I’ll probably give Henares’ other three movies a watch sometime soon now that you’ve reminded me of the director.

  2. gbert says:

    i rarely watch tagalog movies.. i know i know.. but this isn’t about watching tagalog or foreign movies.. i like indie films and yearly we go to european indie movie fest at shang.. oh, just recently, i watched, yanggaw, an ilonggo movie, and quite proud about it..

    • the scud says:

      i love yanggaw. one of my favorite filipino films from last year.

      • gbert says:

        hey hey, wait a minute, you understand ilonggo, you’re an ilonggo or you watched the movie with a subtitle? 🙂

        • the scud says:

          subtitled lang. i heard mali-mali raw ang ilonggo sa movie. totoo?

          • gbert says:

            well, merong iba na accent na medyo hindi masyadong ilonggo talaga, lalo ung kay tetchie pero oks naman.. di masyadong halata.. on joel torre, there was this scene while playing volleyball na medyo hirap xang dumiretsong ilonggo.. lalo ung parang magkakagulo na.. although i know si joel ilonggo talaga un.. baka nahirapan na kasi hindi naman laging nag iilonggo..

  3. gillboard says:

    nakakabother talaga ang boobs ni maui. hanggang ngayon.

    haven’t seen this movie. but i remember this one. college ata ako nito.

  4. Atticus says:

    wow. maganda iyong ginawang gimik na pag-present ng clashing thoughts ng babae at lalaki. mapanood nga.

  5. Lawstude says:

    i would be bothered by her bosoms big time too. (lol)

  6. prinsesamusang says:

    indie films? how was henares’ transition to main stream cinema? hindi ba siya nacommercialize?

    i’m not even saying a thing about the breasts. haha!

  7. raft3r says:

    gamitan is the first pinoy dvd i ever bought
    sabi pa nila ito daw ang unang pinoy dvd na may special features
    wala naman din halos

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