Major, Major

I don’t find MAJOR, MAJOR that is all over Twitter and Facebook and text messages funny at all. I agree with Mo Twister tweeting on how Filipinos were backing Venus Raj the entire pageant but made a 180-degree turn and started poking fun at her underwhelming answer to her final question.

C’mon. Give the lady a break. She gave us something to be proud of less than a day after we became infamous after the Quirino Grandstand bloodbath.

We should say our thanks and not mock.

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3 Responses to Major, Major

  1. Drake says:

    Alam mo nakakainis lang yung ibang tao na kala mong mga professor sa english at kala mong kay tatalino kung magsalita.

    BEAUTY CONTEST yun QUIZ BEE, kaya c’mon mamon itigil na natin ang mga ganyang panlalait.

    Minsan narinig ko yung kasamahan kong babae sabi “Naku ke-tanga tanga naman nya, simpleng english hindi magawa”.

    Sumagot ako: “Hayaan mo na sya ……… hindi ka naman maganda! whahahha!

    Sa totoo lang, ke kakapal magcomment ng ganun eh mukhang pagsumali naman sila kahit Ms.Palengke baka di pa sila makapasok!

    Medyo nakakatulig na rin nga yung word na yan!hehehe!


  2. Skron says:

    One thing I don’t like about most Filipinos is that take speaking English as a MAJOR, MAJOR deal.

    You see Pacquio beating the heck out of everybody and he still gets criticized for his English or even some other Filipinos how can speak straight English but can’t pronounce it right. Accent is accent, man. Everybody has one, even Texans and New Yorkers.

    So even if you’ve developed a time/space theory and you have PF syndrome, you’re still nothing.

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