High Normal

My blood pressure has been hovering on the 130/90 reading for almost two months now. At times, it goes up to 140/100.

My cousin, who is a nurse, calls my BP reading ‘high normal’. She says I should stop eating pork. And that I should buy one of those 3000-peso wristband that automatically measures your BP.

The Maxicare doctor, who holds her clinic at the office twice a week, says I should alter my lifestyle and exercise more. She then gives me a list of what to eat, what not to eat. Nalungkot ako sa listahan.

The only time my BP went back to near normal levels was when I joined a 5km fun run AND played tennis doubles for 3 hours straight.

Now, I don’t want to do that on a daily basis. That would kill me. I think I’m going to continue running. Play tennis. Eat healthy.

And start hitting the gym. I want abs. 4-pack abs. Maybe even 6. Or an 8.

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7 Responses to High Normal

  1. Andy says:

    Man, we’re getting old. Ako naman nagkaka-ulcer na at kung ano-anu pang sakit. Hirap na rin ako gumising sa umaga. Kaya ayan, jogging sa UP every Sunday pinag-gagagawa ko ngayon.

  2. ewok1993 says:

    Oh yeah “we” all eat way too much of what’s not good for us and we stay too long online chatting, stalking etc.

    I too need to eat healthy and get off my butt even though my BP isn’t that high yet.

    Good luck on your lifestyle change.

  3. GLIP says:

    alters your perception of how you should be living your life, ‘no? sa umpisa you feel like everybody else na living according to rules. soon, you will realize ways to make your health sound enough to suit your preferences sans the food list. mindsetting helps.

  4. SOnia says:

    oh, and I forgot to tell you to have a low-salt diet, last time when I asked.

    pork is fine. as long as it is in bite-sized pieces….meaning, very very little, and very far bites in between.

    “Pre-hypertensive”, is a good term to use too.

  5. Atticus says:

    ading, you’re too young to have these problems. just stay away from fried food muna.

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