Christopher Nolan’s films makes you think. There was Memento in 2000, The Prestige in 2006, and probably the best superhero movie of all-time – 2008’s The Dark Knight.

This year, Nolan is back with Inception. It tells the story of a band of thieves, led by a terrific Leonardo diCaprio in his best performance yet, who delves into the minds of people. Some people may think the plot is similar to Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report. It is not.

The film is mind-boggling, to say the least. Your mind is on overdrive on the get go, when diCaprio’s unconscious body is washed ashore on an island and brought to a long dining table where a visibly old Ken Watanabe sat across him.

That last scene, with the spinning but wobbling top, will probably illicit lively discussion on the days to come. Methinks, the last sequence where diCaprio wakes up from a dream and arrives on US soil is a dream – an infinite limbo.

And by the way, watch out for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s gravity-less fight scenes. Astig.

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19 Responses to Inception

  1. gillboard says:

    really good movie. i especially loved that zero-g fight scene. one of the best films this year.

  2. ewok1993 says:

    I have started liking Leo since that movie he made with Matt Damon ( am lousy at remembering titles). I really like to see this movie too.

    Glad you didn’t say much about the movie.

    Photo Cache

  3. lawstude says:

    cge, i’ll watch this kasi maganda review mo eh 🙂

  4. ahmer says:

    hindi pa ako IN di ko pa napanood eh Hehe

  5. SOnia says:

    I saw it last night…I thought the ending was anti-climactic, a cop out (I wanted it to be real, for goodness sake), haha. Which is what made it good. It was a good “weave”.

  6. GLIP says:

    interesting na nasa foreground ang villains and relegated sa background ang hero. ok rin na before the viewers can mull over the ending eh may redeeming value sa action ng employer ni leo kasi he actually did the wealthy son a favor by making him change his mindset which eventually leads to him coming to terms with life. the story also proves that money can only buy a person’s happiness in an alternate reality. i don’t care much about the ending kasi the director seems to convey that it doesn’t matter whether it’s real or just a dream — reality is relative.

  7. raft3r says:

    he did the prestige?
    mukhang pinalampas ko yon, ah
    mahanap nga

  8. Andy says:

    Haven’t seen this yet, but some of the people I know are all praises about it.

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