The Lengthy Sand

We were navigating the edge of the Pacific Ocean, riding on a boat slightly larger than those used by fishermen, with no life jackets, and me not knowing how to swim or even to simply float.

I thought the waves were going to be big, the ride rough, knowing that the weather then wasn’t favorable for a trip across a body of water But it was not. The sea was relatively calm and navigable.

On the way to Calaguas

We passed by seemingly uninhabited green-colored islands with white shores and rolling hills. It was something I imagined I would see while backpacking in Europe and not out at sea, on a tiny boat, in some secluded corner of the Philippine archipelago.

I waited patiently for The BEACH to appear out of nowhere. Then the secret island came to view. I was dismayed as I stood on the boat looking out at Mahabang Buhangin, which is Calaguas Island’s most popular white sand beach. It didn’t do justice to what I saw in Flickr. It was not spectacular. Not even close.

I could see a couple of boats docked near the shore. Tents were erect behind the bushes. And there were people frolicking on the beach.

The secret island, it turned out, was no secret anymore.

Heaven on Earth

Our boat then docked on the deserted left side of the beach, dotted with 3 huts. Dropping my backpack in the sand, I stared out to sea and immediately took my word back. The beach was nothing short of spectacular – the white sand, the long shoreline, the shrubs, the non-existent commercial establishments, the green islands from afar, and the literally sparkling aqua-blue waters.

Mahabang Buhangin is much more appreciated right on the beach and not out at sea. We all stood there, mesmerized by what we were seeing. It was arguably one of the best, if not the best, beach I’ve ever been to.

More Pictures of Mahabang Buhangin

Amazing Calaguas

Still, Amazing Calaguas

Blue All Around

The Sand and the Sea

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11 Responses to The Lengthy Sand

  1. drake says:

    Nice pic pre, parang mga postcards! Paturo naman one time oh! Galing!


  2. gillboard says:

    love the colors. parang ang linis.

  3. FerBert says:


    Pag-iipunan ko yang Calaguas na yan

  4. The Reviewer says:

    kakainggit dude puro ka pasarap grrrr. and to think na di ka rin pala marunong mag-float?! hahaha di pala ako nag iisa

  5. Atticus says:

    ang ganda. ang linis. ang ganda ng pinas!

  6. Andy says:

    Wala masyadong tao jan? If that’s the case, that place would be perfect for me. I hate crowded beaches. Hehe

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