Here Comes the Bride

A virgin bride. A loud-mouthed lawyer. A sickly old man. A flamboyant image stylist. A battered yaya.

All five are on their way to a beach wedding somewhere in Batangas. A solar eclipse commences and before it ends all five souls switch bodies due to an accident.

The virgin bride (Angelica Panganiban) becomes the flamboyant image stylist. The loud-mouthed lawyer (Eugene Domingo) becomes the virgin bride. The sickly old man (Jaime Fabregas) becomes the battered yaya. The flamboyant image stylist (John Lapus) becomes the sickly old man. The battered yaya (Tuesday Vargas) becomes the loud-mouth lawyer.

Confused? Don’t be. Chris Martinez, who was the writer/director of the 2008 Cinemalaya standout 100 and wrote last year’s sleeper hit Kimmy Dora, is at the helm and painstakingly introduces all five characters in various sequences before the starting credits roll. You won’t get confused unless you have an IQ in the low tens.

The film is laugh-out-loud funny. Tuesday Vargas and Eugene Domingo goes to town when they act as the loud-mouthed lawyer. John Lapus wasn’t as impressive but I’m biased. I don’t find the guy funny at all. I wonder how Jon Santos would have played the character if he was given the role. Jaime Fabregas is a standout too especially the last sequence when all five attempt to claim back their original bodies.

But the film would not have been as good if not for the delicious and terrific Angelica Panganiban. She is hilarious when she becomes the flamboyant gay stylist. She and Marian Rivera should star in a comedy film together. That would be a gem.

So go and watch this movie in the theaters. Don’t expect scenes that could surpass the non-stop laughter induced in Kimmy Dora’s breakfast sequence where Dora impersonates Kimmy to a bewildered Ariel Ureta. There is none of that in Here Comes the Bride but for a mainstream movie, which producers almost always manages to butcher a could-have-been-good film, it is pretty good.

And don’t forget to stay till the end credits. A surprise awaits.

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13 Responses to Here Comes the Bride

  1. gillboard says:

    off to see the movie… thanks for the review… hehehe

  2. Sonia says:

    shoot…teaser or spoiler, i can’t decide. i’m watching this anyway. lol. thanks C.!

  3. sabi nga ni Eugene sa TV promo, launching movie daw ito ni Jaime Fabregas

  4. FerBert says:

    nakita ko na may review ka tungkol sa pelikulang to dun sa plurk ni kuya gillboard. sige na nga, panonoorin ko na kailangan ko lang ng kasama kase hindi ako natawa sa kimmydora nung pinanood ko, mag-osa lang kase ako nun. haha

  5. ewok1993 says:

    I like the promise of a confusion. Isn’t Angelica the one with angelic face?

  6. raft3r says:

    marian + angelica = i was thinking about this, as well
    sama mo na din si uge
    para mas panalo

    i saw this flick
    pati din yun ke marian
    shoot me now

  7. Andy says:

    Magaling nga raw si Angelica. Gusto ko mapanood si Tuesday Vargas; I’ve been a fan since I saw her as a guest judge in Philippine Idol, hehe

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