I was in a hurry. The clock was closing in at eight in the morning. I was meeting someone later that day and needed to be at the office earlier than usual so that I could catch the company shuttle to Makati. I didn’t want to be late.

I raced through the apartment double-checking everything – rooms locked, lights turned off,  cords removed from sockets, faucets not running. I grabbed my house keys, slipped on my black leather shoes I had hastily nudged under the television rack the night before, and left for work.

Hours later, the first time I had left my workstation, I and a couple of office mates were on our way to lunch when I noticed something. It made me stop dead on my tracks. I laughed while turning a deep shade of red. I realized that I have been wearing this.


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17 Responses to Switched

  1. gillboard says:

    that happens… haven’t happened to me… thank god!! i did one time wore my shirt inside out on a gimmick. that was worse… hehehe

  2. WCS Minor Circuit says:

    Oh… that sucks… Did your office mates say anything?

  3. ewok1993 says:

    at least parehong kulay black, otherwise mas obvious 😀

  4. FerBert says:


    sorry natawa ako

    at least di mo nakalimutang mag-underwear 😀

  5. Andy says:

    Ayan, stress level 10 na yan. 😛

  6. Skron says:

    LOL. Happened to me a lot of times too. But the most memorable one was the time I mistook a pillow case for a handkerchief.

  7. buti na lang same colors hehe. teka, so pareho lang ang takong siguro nyan kasi di mo naramdamang different shoes eh.

    @ skron: pillow case? gano ka-petite yang pillow na yan? or gano kalaki ang face mo? LOL

  8. Sonia says:

    i had a good laugh. hahaha…. na-shock ko sa image sa shoes.

    haha. gago. buti pa ang apartment, na-double check, pero ang shoes… tsk tsk..

    had a similar moment. 4th year med. I was an intern, and then it was only in the middle of the day that i realized i was wearing a different white shoe on each foot. But na lang, i lived just a walk away from the hospital. :-p

  9. Palaboy says:

    ang dami kasing sapatos 🙂

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