Building Blocks

I used to spend hours sitting on our living room floor surrounded with blocks and blocks of Lego. I’d make towers out of them and get dismayed when they collapse. I’d make planes out of them and run through our streets holding what I had built in my puny little hands. I’d make fortresses and use my brother’s Matchbox cars to pass through them.

But they were never astounding. They were made by a young boy who had very limited art skills. A boy who used to make drawings by pouring oil on a bond paper and tracing images from textbooks or magazines.

So when I passed by this Lego exhibit over the weekend while hunting for a green collared shirt I didn’t pass up the chance to snap some photos using my camera phone. I didn’t know one could make 4-ft buildings or boats or cars or planes using those colored plastic blocks manufactured by Lego.

I was in awe.


Photos of Lego World

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14 Responses to Building Blocks

  1. FerBert says:

    isang beses lang akong nabilhan ng lego at ninakaw pa ito, hindi na ako nabilhan kahit kailan dahil di daw ako marunong magpahalaga ng laruan. *laslas pulso* lol

  2. gillboard says:

    namiss kong makakita ng ganyan.. i remember back in the days, gustung-gusto kong pumupunta ng Gift Gate para lang makakita ng iba’t ibang Lego designs na nakadisplay. Bakit ba wala na nang ganyan ngayon?

  3. raft3r says:

    brings back childhood memories
    masarap ngang maglaro ng lego
    one time napaisip akong bumili at mangulekta uli nyan
    pagdating ko ng toy store napahinto ako
    ang mamahal, eh

  4. ewok1993 says:

    ang gagaling nga ng creations nila. there is a lego world in socal di ko pa napupuntahan.

  5. atticus says:

    naku, saan iyan? makapunta.
    my late dad bought us something like this when we were kids. i sometimes have this recollection of the shapes and sizes of the pieces, and in my mind i’d make things out of it.

    teka, bakit green shirt with collar? para saan iyon?

  6. len says:

    Creating those is pure talent. :p
    Congrats on your new home.

  7. Zherwin says:

    i have build-o-fun, not really lego but similar, and it was a comfort toy for me whenever i am in the hospital, sakitin ako nung bata pa, i think therapy na rin yung me nilalaro ako kapag me sakit.

  8. Andy B. says:

    Paborito ko Lego dati. Mejo mahal na ata ngayon, hehe

  9. Skron says:

    I used to have a lot of Lego when I was a kid. This was before I became a G. I. Joe fanboy. I bet there still around. I’m going to try and look for it when I go home this July.

    The best Lego set I’ve seen built was a full-sized Iron Man. I saw it in a theater 2 years ago when the first film came out.

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