Nope. I won’t be voting for Jajajamby. I just get a kick out of the reactions when I say Jajajamby when I am asked who I would be voting for. They get this incredulous look that only means “Are you crazy?!”

I laugh and go on with my charade. I do admit to some people who gets my vote. It definitely will not be Villar. Di pa nga presidente andami ng scandals. And I think using his mother on his campaign is foul. Nanay mo yan. Matanda na. Dapat di yan nasestress.

It won’t be Erap. Sabi nga ng isang idiom “Fool (us) once, shame on you; fool (us) twice, shame on me.”

It won’t be Gibo. As much as he is one of the most qualified presidentiables and has one of the most concrete platforms and has not resorted to mudslinging I still won’t vote for someone beholden to that “squatter in Malacanang”. I now wonder if he would be giving Noynoy a good fight in the surveys if he had not bolted out of his previous party.

It won’t be Noynoy although I did write something in defense of him last year. I still stand by what I wrote. I still think he will bring back the decency, which all public servants should be, back to the presidency. He will not lie. He will not cheat. And he will not steal.

It will be Gordon. The guy has political will. The guy has spunk. The guy has chutzpah – in a good way. And he is a much angrier version of my favorite should-have-been president. Raul Roco.

So vote Gordon. If not, vote for someone who you think will be the best man or woman to lead this country for the next 6 years. Do not look at the surveys. Look at the person and what he represents. Look at the platform. Look at the credentials. Look at the people surrounding him in his campaign because most likely they will be the one helping him run his government.

And please, vote for ANYONE but VILLAR!

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11 Responses to Jajajamby

  1. Skron says:

    I haven’t been following the politics in the Philippines for a while now but, if I get to vote, it will be Gordon as well. I don’t know what he has done in the past 10 years but if can do to the whole country what he had done in Subic, that would be majestic.

  2. Skron says:

    Oh, I didn’t realize you’re in WordPress now too.

  3. drake says:

    Aha! Ito pala ang bago mong bahay! Isasama ko ito sa blogroll ko!

    ingat parekoy!

  4. Lawstude says:

    go g1bo… ay tapos na pala.

  5. len says:

    I didn’t vote for Villar. Hindi niya kasi ako binigyan ng house and lot. nyahaha

  6. Andy B. says:

    Panalo yan si Bambi. Icocontest niya yata yung election result. 😛

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