Lakes, Shipwrecks, and Limestone of Coron – Day 4

I climbed Mt. Tapyas for the second time on our 4th and final day in Coron to catch the sunrise. Contrary to a couple of days back when we were racing to the summit at a brisk pace to catch the sunset, the climb in the early hours of the Monday morning was leisurely. We took our time (it was pitch dark in some places) and I was able to appreciate the view of Coron while walking up the 712 steps.

After snapping photos of the sunset, the Coron town from miles up, and unsuccessfully attempting jump shots we returned to the resort. We hastily took a bath, ate breakfast, had a group photo, and rushed to the airport to catch our 10am flight back to Manila.

The 4-day stay in Coron was a feast to the eyes and a dent to the pocket. I didn’t mind. I will still be going back to see more of the islands. Perhaps in a couple of years.


Here is a list I made of what I will remember most of my Coron trip.

1. The safari-like ride from the Busuanga airport to Coron Town Proper. I wished there was a jeepney or open van where I could have stayed on top to shoot a video of the landscape.
2. No Jollibee, McDonald’s, KFC and other fastfood joints. I particularly digged the experience walking at night finding a place to eat. And eating barbecue and isaw and balun-balunan and grilled hotdogs.
3. Islands made out of limestone.
4. Banol Beach.
5. Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, and Twin Lagoon.
6. Snorkeling.
7. Shipwrecks.
8. Our boat getting hammered by the angry sea on a sunny day on our 3rd day.
9. Climbing all 712 steps of Mt. Tapyas. Twice.
10. New friends. Ka-badminton ko na ang iba sa kanila ngayon.

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7 Responses to Lakes, Shipwrecks, and Limestone of Coron – Day 4

  1. gillboard says:

    certified travel blogger ka na rin ha…

  2. Photo Cache says:

    four days in paradise – you lucky dog and no fastfood places in sight, definitely paradise.

  3. the scud says:

    it was. i want to go back.

  4. raft3r says:

    hay, kelan kaya ako makakatungtong dyan?!

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