Racing the Falling Sun in Gumasa

My usual hangout before a trip, especially to the beach, is Flickr. I’d spend minutes pouring over photos uploaded on that site. The Davao trip was no exception. And since Gumasa was part of the itinerary I salivated at the Flickr photos I saw. They were exceptional.

So at past 4pm, we boarded a van that was going to take us to Glan which is about an hour away from General Santos city. The van was cramped, not just with passengers but with various baggages. I didn’t mind. I’m used to rides with very little space to wiggle on. And besides, I was dead set on seeing and taking a dip on the beaches of Gumasa.

On our way I could see that the sun had started its slow fall. I knew we still had ample time before the sun completely gives way to the moon but I was still agitated. I wanted to be on that beach.

About an hour later we arrived at the Glan Terminal. We hired a pair of motorcycles to bring us to Coco Beach. So off we went and it was the fastest and scariest motorcycle ride I had been in. That is not an overstatement. I’m used to riding motorcycles. I started riding in one since I was a kid. I could sit on the back with my hands on my lap and it wouldn’t scare me. But that 20-minute ride to Coco Beach was different. The drivers were demented. They drove like lunatics, engaging each other in a race, overtaking at full speed on the opposite lane. It was crazy.

There was still ample light when we reached the beach but the scenery was nowhere near what I saw online. I was underwhelmed. I felt like a kid who was promised a remote toy car but was given a car made out of tin – the ones sold in the public market – instead.

I still took photos but I wasn’t as enthusiastic. The clouds aided further in dampening my spirits. They were in abundance and the setting sun was hiding behind it depriving us of at least a decent sunset photo.

I had to admit that I was disappointed. The photos I saw raised the bar so high that I could not help but feel down. But there is always a next time. A second chance to visit Gumasa. And maybe also to Lake Sebu.

* motorcycle shot taken by jonee; the rest by scud

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10 Responses to Racing the Falling Sun in Gumasa

  1. so you think you shouldn't have peeked inside the online photo album muna?

  2. gillboard says:

    like the sunset shot. love those kinds of photos.

  3. i like the 5th shot! teka naka tamrac bag ka ba? same tayo! apir! 😛

  4. carlos says:

    Gumasa's beauty is best enjoyed when the sun is out and the water is serene. There you'll see the interplay of the white sand and blue waters and sky.Gumasa is not as wide as bantayan or boracay. It's waters are covered by seagrass. But it has its quiet allure in .

  5. Andy says:

    Galing ng pics ah! Pro na pro na si scud, heheh

  6. The Scud says:

    random student, i would still have. pangit lang ung time of day na punta namin dun.

  7. The Scud says:

    gillboard, hindi ka nag-iisa!

  8. The Scud says:

    dyanie, hindi ako yan. nyahaha.

  9. The Scud says:

    carlos, ganda ng pagkaka-describe mo. di bale. babalik tlg ako sa gumasa. 😀

  10. The Scud says:

    andy, nyak. malayo pa ako dun. hehe.

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