Nope. This post ain’t about my ripped beach body. This post is more on my ripped beach shorts.

You see, I’ve been to three trips this year and I managed to rip 3 shorts and 1 pajama. The first I ripped in Samal Island in Davao while riding a motorcycle. I bought a replacement at the Samal market for a measly 50 bucks but ripped it again while doing the slide. That was the second.

The third, a brand new board shorts which I really digged, got ripped when I sat on a limestone while trying to take a photo of Banol Beach in Coron.

The last was the worse. I ripped it while jumping on top of a hill in Daet as the sun rose on a Black Saturday morning. The rip left a gaping hole that I could actually fit my head on. I guess that’s the price to pay to get a picture-perfect jump shot.

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20 Responses to Ripped

  1. gillboard says:

    kasi bili lang ng original para di napupunit… i remember nangyari sakin yan sa galera dati… sobrang nag-enjoy sa jetski, pag alis ko, wala na, ripped na shorts ko… hehehe

  2. Lawstude says:

    trademark mo na yata yan bro eh lol. next time cycling shorts na para sure. teka, saan ba next na lakad?

  3. the donG says:

    better change this blog's theme to ripped. hahaha… trademark mo na nga yan. let wear something that scud endorses! lol

  4. atticus says:

    huwag mong itapon. kasama sa memories iyan ng biyahe. tahiin mo tapos takpan ko konti ng patch.

  5. Did you guys make a side trip to Pulang Daga, Paracale before going to Calaguas? It isn't as pretty as Calaguas, but the red coral sands are a sight to look at.Maybe you should look for shorts made out of kevlar fiber. If it can stop bullets, it can probably minimize the risk of ripping. hehe

  6. roanne says:

    geezz i love the jump shot!

  7. Photo Cache says:

    ang galing ng kuha.

  8. DRAKE says:

    Magpapakuha lang kasi ng picture dami pang arte!hahahah!Pero ayos yung picture ah, effort na effort!LOLS!ingat

  9. LOL what do you think that means scud?

  10. The Scud says:

    gillboard, akala ko pagbaba mo ng jetski naka-trunks na. nyahaha.

  11. The Scud says:

    lawstude, baguio weekend getaway in 2 weeks. the rest free na until late june. 😀

  12. The Scud says:

    dong, pwede. scud in ripped life. nyahaha.

  13. The Scud says:

    atticus, napaayos na ung isa. ung isa hopeless na. ginawa na lang basahan. 😦

  14. The Scud says:

    shattershards, calaguas lang talaga kami. kapos na sa oras. there's always a next time. 😀

  15. The Scud says:

    roanne, salamat! thanks for dropping by. balik ka ulit. 😀

  16. The Scud says:

    photo cache, thanks!

  17. The Scud says:

    drake, syempre kelangan ng effort. nakapapagod rin lumundag. 😀

  18. The Scud says:

    prinsesa musang, may deeper meaning ba yun? haha.

  19. scud the ripper. dapat siguro gawa sa katya ang shorts mo hehe

  20. Andy says:

    Ripped shorts are horrible. Bad trip pag sa likod, kasi it's hard to know that they're actually ripped kasi you can't see it. Chances are, yung mga tao pa yung magsasabi na may pilas yung suot mo. Argh.

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