3D is now the in-thing in Hollywood. After James Cameron’s Avatar broke Titanic’s box office records, every producer seems to want to dip into the 3D frenzy. There was Tim Burdon’s Alice in Wonderland which was fun to watch but was underwhelming as a 3D visual orgasm. Then in the next few months more 3D films are coming out – Clash of the Titans, Toy Story 3, the last 2 Harry Potter films, and Shrek Forever After. I even read that George Lucas is planning to re-release his Star Wars movies in 3D.

That got me thinking. Why don’t they re-release adult films instead like Killing Me Softly, 9 Songs, and all the movies from this list ? Better yet why not porn in 3D?

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One Response to 3D

  1. Andy says:

    Hindi pa rin ako nakaka-panood ng 3D na film. Ganoon ako ka-deprive. 😀

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