The Jump

Note: This is not a poem.

I took the first step. The plank I was walking on trembled and so did my knees.
I stared straight ahead and saw where the horizon met with the blue sky.
I took another small step and again, the plank trembled.

I looked down and saw white corals submerged below the sea’s crest tens of feet below me.
I hardened my jaw and focused at the task at hand.
I took more small steps and seconds later reached the end of the plank.

I raised my hand sideways to shoulder-level, took a deep breath, then jumped.
I landed feet first and emerged out of the sea gasping for air and gulping sea water.
The jump was exhilaratingly good.

It was my first platform dive. And I conquered my fear of heights.
I swam back and made my way to the platform.
I jumped again.

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One Response to The Jump

  1. Andy says:

    Okay yang jumping from a platform: adrenaline rush. 🙂

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