After the honor brought by Pacquiao and Penaflorida to Filipinos, GMA and the Ampatuans cut the happiness short with their brazen and bastardly acts.


Massacre death toll reaches 64. A total of 64 cadavers have been retrieved since Monday’s mass murder, which was allegedly carried out by a group headed by Datu Unsay Mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr., a ranking police officer said yesterday.

GMA keep friendship with Ampatuan family. “But it doesn’t mean that we are no longer friends with them if they are guilty. I think that should be treated separately,” Fajardo said. “The function of the President as head of state (is) that the law should apply to everyone whether they are friends, allies or relatives.”

Arroyo to run for Congress. “Gaya ng alam ninyo, hinihilingan ako ng mga mamamayan ng aking tahanang distrito sa Pampanga na manatili sa buhay-publiko (As you all know, I have been asked by the citizens of my home district in Pampanga to stay on in public life), so after much soul-searching, I have decided to respond affirmatively to their call,” she said.

Priest likens Arroyo’s descent to Jesus Christ. “Do not believe you are diminishing the power of the [Office of the] President. Ating metung a taung migbaba ba yang sumuyo—I Kristo (There was a person who came down to serve us—Jesus Christ),” Moraleja said in a homily.

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