Hell on Earth

This week has been a test of patience.
It started over the weekend when the new 500Gb hard drive I bought crashed a day after I mounted it on EFA. All my files died with it. The good thing was I have backup drives where I backup my digital copies of movies, TV series, mp3s, personal videos, and photos. I spent most of Sunday and Monday getting a new second hard drive, requesting for a replacement for the crashed drive, installing the OS and other applications, transferring and organizing files from the backup drive, and downloading software updates. I was frustrated I wanted to metamorphose as Hellboy (credit goes to a former teammate who said I transform into Hellboy when I get mad/embarrassed) and pick a fight with anyone to vent out my anger.
Sunday tennis was frustrating too. I can’t get in the groove of hitting the balls inside the court. I lost all of my singles matches. On top of it, our trainer seems to see every flaw on the way I play – from the way I grip the racket to how I volley to how I bend my knees when I hit the ball. I don’t really get it since my friends hit the ball the same way I do and they don’t get called for it.
Then there’s work which is not getting any better. My lead, who is based on India, does not respond to any of my emails unless I remind him via email or instant message which should really not be the case. Request for new software installation takes ages to get approved. Tickets (Issues) assigned to me are written in Finnish. The internet connection speed sucks. And my office crush went AWOL.
Tomorrow marks my 6th day of hell on earth. It sucks.
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