Office Space

I used to love my job. I used to get a high, a sort of euphoria, when I see a new production issue logged to the team. I know I’m good with what I do and I almost always get the job done.

But that love has gone to semi-hatred in a span of five months. I almost hate my job. I don’t like going to work. It has become a chore, a hassle. I don’t like it that no production issues or requests are coming in that I could sink my teeth into. I don’t like it that forums and vendor sites related to my job are either blocked or access is limited. I don’t like sitting on my ass for nine hours with not much to do but watching out for breaking news on, staring at MS Outlook, or discreetly watching The X-Files on my Ipod.

Friends have told me that I must be the luckiest guy in the world. I get paid to sit and surf the internet and write blog drafts. I tell them having idle time for once or twice in a month is good. But for 4 months and counting?

My brain cells are stagnant. They’re asleep. They need to be woken up and do some serious exercise.


I thrive on teamwork. On quick lunch outs. On small non-work-related chats within an 8-hour shift.

Now, how do I survive on a team who are on war with each other? Where One gives Another the cold shoulder because Another earns more than the One? Where the boss does not try to defend his subordinates in times of head-butting with upper management? Where the boss is meek and assertiveness is an alien word? Where, in short, the boss has absolutely no leadership skills?

Working on a team such as this one sucks the life out of me. Signing in on to this job was a mistake.

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