Thank You

THANK YOU. These are two words that a receiver can convey his gratitude to the giver. It doesn’t take two seconds to utter these words. It’s not even phonetically difficult. But why is it that some people take these for granted? Why is it, like the word SORRY, so hard to get out of the receiver’s mouth?

Do these receivers not realize that two simple words can make the giver deliriously happy? That the time, energy, and effort spent to provide this and that were not done in vain? That the giver does not care if no material gratification is received? That what giver cares is an acknowledgment of the sacrifice no matter how small it was.

Is it really that hard?

The giver does not understand. The giver shows his appreciation all the time. The giver says THANK YOU to the guard who opens the door for him. To the lady who prepares his lunch. To the woman who does his laundry. To the cashier who hands him his change. To the baggage boy who bags his groceries. To the woman who expertly massages his body each month.

THANK YOU is a phrase the giver uses more than once in a day. The giver believes the phrase can never be overused. It must be spoken to those who deserve to hear it.

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