Friday Night Lights

I completed my 7-season The West Wing marathon a few weeks back. That was the second series I completed this year after my 10-season Friends marathon. Both series are from completely different genres and won their fair share of critical love, Emmyys, Actors, and Golden Globes. The West Wing was a political drama about Decromats running the White House while Friends was a comedy series about twenty-somethings living in New York. I highly recommend both.

The end of my West Wing marathon meant I’m on the prowl on what TV show to watch next. I planned on The X-Files but I misplaced the 5th season disc. Next was Naruto Shippuuden but I was not in the mood to read subtitles. Ditto to Memories of Bali.

I finally settled on Friday Night Lights. The show is not popular but it is an incredibly good show about a high school football team in Dillon, Texas. It is now in its 4th season in the US and I have just barely started on the 2nd. There is still a lot of episodes to watch but I’m now planning on what to watch next. Perhaps Battlestar Galactica? The Wire? Oz? 30 Rock? Mad Men?

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