Noynoy for President

I used to like Mar. He was not your traditional politician. He was respectable unlike others who hold the same job. He had class.


Then he decided to take a shot the presidency and slowly my regard of him to take the high road in his campaign peeled away. Who wouldn’t when he aired those ill-conceived TV ads? When he proposed to Korina Sanchez on national TV? When his ‘traditional’ pamamanhikan gets media coverage?

Even with those PR stunts, he was still trailing miserably in the national surveys to Villar and Estrada. Then Cory died and the political landscape changed.

There was a growing clamor for Noynoy to run for higher office. Not long after Cory’s burial, Mar dropped out of the race to gave way for Noynoy. His move was called heroic, statesmanlike. Mar really had no choice. His dreams for the presidency had gone kaput.

Noynoy gave in to the clamor and officially announced his candidacy on on the 40th day of his mother’s passing. The first thought that came to mind when I heard the news was “Where can I register?”.

Yep. I will be rooting for Noynoy, exhibiting the same passion I did when I rooted for Raul Roco. Others have said, including some I personally know, that Noynoy is too young. He is too raw. He needs more experience. He has been a politician for 11 years – 9 in Congress, 2 in the Senate. How many more does he need? 15 years? perhaps 20?

Until when is one ripe to run for higher office? Until one is snarled by dirty politics? Until one is indebted to so many people politically he has lost count of them? Until one has made a noisy dissent on a political scandal? Until one has amassed millions that he could not possible want more when he ascends the presidency?

If not Noynoy, then who? Villar? The one who is so atat na ata maging presidente with his TV ads? I wonder how he would recoup his investment. Surely, he must get that money back and more when he wins. The cost of those ads could possibly be in the hundreds of millions and the campaign has not yet officially begun.

If not Noynoy, then who? de Castro? That news anchor who had a field day exposing politician’s dirty tricks in MGB many years ago but has been mum on the blatant lying and cheating that the administration he now serves is doing?

If not Noynoy, then who? Erap? That ex-president who used Malacanang as his playground? And who was driven out of office by sheer incompetence?

If not Noynoy, then who? Legarda? I like Legarda but she is not cutout to be president. She should stay put as a legislator. I like her there.

If not Noynoy, then who? Escudero? That senator who, according to Elena Francisco, did not support the impeachment of Luzviminda Tancangco and Erap? That senator who initiated the impeachment of Chief Justice Davide? That senator who is associated with Estrada and his ilk?

If not Noynoy, then who? Lacson? Remonde? Puno? Nograles? Teodoro? Bayani? Gloria?

I completely agree with this tweet from meilarnee “Our long-standing battle against corruption can never be won by credentials but by character.”


Two of my favorite columnists, Condrado de Quiros and Patricia Evangelsita, has written insightful pieces in their respective columns on Noynoy. You can read these through the links below.

1. The Aquino son
2. Noypi ako
3. Destiny
4. Yes he can

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