With not much tasks since I switched jobs (I only spend at most an hour per day on work-related to-dos) and with very limited Internet access I devised a way to keep my sanity at the office. I was getting tired of lurking in forums, reading the news, and getting pissed when sites are blocked.

I thought why not read eBooks? I have a few of them stored in my phone. I decided on Ian McEwan’s 1998 Booker-Prize winning morality tale Amsterdam. It was a quick read. I was done before my 8-hour workday was up.

To make my new task inconspicuous (reading via phone is a dead giveaway that I was bumming around) I sent some of my eBooks in my collection to my office mail. Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet. Haruki Murakami’s After Dark. Christopher Paolini’s Brisingr. Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight.

I started with Meyer. I finished the book in two days. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. The plot was good. The writing so-so. Meyer is definitely no Anne Rice or K.J. Rowling. She writes scenes and Swan’s thoughts that are too melodramatic with a klutz and brooding vampire as protagonists . Meyer does not do justice to the word ‘brood’ as Rice did with her vampires.

Since I enjoyed the book, although I wished Bella had more toughness in her and there was less saccharine dialogue and more vampire action, I moved on to New Moon. It was more of the same. I had to skip paragraphs of Bella’s senseless thoughts that were immaterial to the plot.

I laughed at pathetic corny lines. I mean who wouldn’t with lines like “It was heaven-right smack in the middle of hell.” and “My heart inflated like it was going to crack right through my ribs.” and “I’ll be back so soon you won’t have time to miss me. Look after my heart I’ve left it with you.”?

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