I realized sometime last month that 1/4 of my take-home pay goes to my credit card bills. If I had saved the money from the start of the year I would most likely now have enough dough for a down payment on a new car. Or invested it in mutual funds or in time deposit.

Since I have more responsibilities now like tuition fees, maintenance medicines for lola, financial support to close relatives who are in dire straits I have decided to let go of some perks that I have been enjoying for the past few years. Credit card will now only be used to purchase plane tickets online and postpaid cellphone bills. Dining out and drinking sprees will be kept at a minimum. Dating too. Some weekends will be spent in bed with Efa, my books, or the DVD player.

It is a win-win situation for me. I get to save money for possible tough times ahead and also share whatever blessings I have with others.


I wrote this post yesterday at the office. Just a few hours ago I was able to test how committed I was to the new Scud when I passed by one of the Ayala malls. A blue checkered polo shirt caught my eye. I tried it on. It was a good fit. Really good. I could use it either with slacks or jeans.

I looked at the price tag. Not bad.

I thought for a few minutes if I should swipe my card since I didn’t have enough cash with me. Then I went out of the dressing room, returned the shirt on the rack, and told the saleslady it was too tight.

That was the first time I resisted buying myself a shirt which looked good on me. Now I need another way to subtly impress my crush(es) at the office. Haha.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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