Package Counter

I always have a backpack/messenger bag with me whenever I report for work, buy some stuff at the mall, or do my weekly grocery shopping. It has become a staple of the ‘Scud look’ that an officemate expressed her surprise one Friday many months when she saw me without a bag strapped to my shoulders. I grinned. I had an important date that time and I didn’t want to look geeky. But that’s another story. One that I won’t blog about.
The thing is whenever I enter some stores, like Bestseller at the Galeria, I am always politely asked to leave my bag at the package counter. I begrudgingly abide but is silently pissed when I see women with really BIG bags strolling the aisles.
I’m no sexist. I’m all for equality. But c’mon. Isn’t that discrimination too? Women can bring in their bags and men can’t? Is it because women keep their wallets in their bags and men keep it in their jeans? Is there a study published somewhere that I do not know of which shows men are more prone to shoplift than women?
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