Boys Night Out

I and 7 teammates from my previous work have this thing on Wednesdays. We would hie off somewhere in the metro after work. Have dinner. Drink a few beers. Talk about the most mundane of topics to the more serious ones. Sometimes we would cap the night over coffee at Starbucks.

If I was from outside looking in we would look like college boys celebrating the end of final exams. Boisterous. Loud. Carefree. Except that we would be on business attires. And harassed after spending a day racking our brains. Or, in my case, keeping my sanity intact while having nothing to do at work.

Age knows no barriers in the group. The youngest is in their early 20s, the eldest in the early 30s. The night would always be fun but leaves a minor dent on the pocket.

THAT poses a problem for me. I’m almost broke and plan to save more after purchasing Efa. And spending hundreds of pesos every week on alcohol is not helping.

I’m at a bind. Should I go on AWOL for a while? Or should I not? W

We’ll see in 11 hours…

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