I was watching episodes of The West Wing and the banter between the characters played by Bradley Whitford and Mary Louise Parker left me grinning.

The banter was smart and witty and sexy. It was like both characters were fucking with each other’s minds. If they were doing the deed it would have been a really good foreplay.

I had a sudden realization, while watching the two flirt, that ever since the break-up I have not done flirting of any kind.

I miss flirting. I miss locking with someone else’s eyes while playing around with words. I miss the throwback lines aimed at me leaving me grasping for words to shoot back which would make me sound cool but not look like a moron, a jackass, and a chauvinist pig.

I remember a friend telling me, which I believe I may have mentioned in a previous entry, that I am an incorrigible flirt.

Now, I think I may have lost my mojo.

Where could it have gone?

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